Management Team

The Visual Life Web founders are dedicated to building a global online platform that supports collaborative knowledge creation that will inform sound decisions and action focused on serious social, environmental, and economic challenges.

Situated in Bozeman Montana, Visual Life Web is well-positioned to leverage additional capacities and resources. With strong collaborative relationships to Montana State University and both state and federal agencies managing the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, our existing network of relationships provide an ideal environment for development and deployment of integrated data technologies.

Dr. Peter Coppolillo Dr. Peter Coppolillo, co-founder and Executive Manager

Dr. Coppolillo brings two decades of conservation experience, working both as a practitioner and as a strategic planner for the Wildlife Conservation Society, the world’s fourth largest conservation NGO. Coppolillo helped to develop WCS’s strategic frameworks for site-based planning and monitoring and worked to implement conservation and build capacity throughout WCS's global programs. He has also worked “on the ground” as a researcher and conservation practitioner, primarily in East Africa and North America and through collaborations in Latin America and Asia. His experiences working as a scientist and collaborator with site and country level decision-makers inform Visual Life Web's approach to delivering and managing data and information.

Gary Gannon Gary Gannon, co-founder and Executive Manager

Mr. Gannon has spent over forty years creating and growing companies in diverse fields, including technology, software development, AI, Internet commerce, financial services, and real estate. Mr. Gannon played a key role in developing the internationally accepted data language and related global consortium called eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), a meta-language based on XML for describing business information, which has become a Global Standard, adopted by the European Union, the (US) FDIC and SEC (among others), and most of the world’s developed nations. He co-founded UBmatrix, a world leader in XBRL-based software and data exchange, which recently was purchased by a public company, Edgar Online Inc.

Mr. Gannon is an Advisory Board Member for Gaia Metrics, an innovative company focused on helping companies and investors discover, qualify and truly understand the financial risk attached to environmental and social factors in their operations and supply chains. He also serves as an International Advisory Board Member for the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme which focuses on helping solve complex urban problems throughout the world. His writing and communications reflect the diversity of contexts in which he has worked: business, international standards, technical and trade literature and popular literature. Gannon’s background and deep experience building companies, teams, and making meaningful technology contributions will be instrumental in developing the technological platform and ensuring wide adoption for Visual Life Web.