Our Model

Visual Life Web™ is a technology company dedicated to helping improve the process of scientific collaboration and discovery in support of social, environmental, and economic decision-making and education. Our platform provides tools for accessing, interpreting, contributing to, and applying relevant data and publications in support of understanding, discovery, and action.

Our model is built around four simple and powerful objectives: Capture & Collaborate, Educate & Act.

Visual Life Web is Developing:

An innovative platform to allow users to quickly capture and use relevant information;

The capacity to empower users to make their data meaningful and discoverable for all stakeholders via semantic web technologies;

Cutting-edge resources for visualization and data interpretation;

Tools and templates to efficiently build clear, compelling reports and educational materials;

Visual Life Web will help its users find information relevant to the questions and problems they regularly face, and present data and information in an accessible, intuitive, and easily discoverable manner. It will help content experts rapidly innovate and generate new insights, and it will inform inquiry and decision-making by putting information- ranging from traditional scientific data to tweets, check-ins and geo-tagged photos-- in the hands of people who need and need to see it.

By making the world’s data, information and knowledge accessible and actionable, Visual Life Web will help solve the pressing social, environmental, and economic problems we face as a people and a planet.

Visual Life Web Management Team

Dr. Peter Coppolillo Dr. Peter Coppolillo Co-founder, Executive Manager Gary Gannon Gary Gannon Co-founder, Executive Manager The Visual Life Web founders are dedicated to building a global online platform that supports collaborative knowledge creation that will inform sound decisions and action focused on serious social, environmental, and economic challenges.

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